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Tell the Truth & Access Justice.

The most important act of our lives was when 99% of the South Sudanese population united for self-determination.

I know that violence has over taken our spirits since the Juba massacre of December 13 2013. I am very concerned about South Sudan because the political process has been ineffective during the four subsequent years of intense battles.

We need a lasting commitment towards political solutions: solutions which were compromised by vested commercial interests of regional actors at the expense of our young men, women, and children who were victimized by the senseless killing.

The cultural of revenge, gang rape & unknown gunmen is spreading across the country while eroding all sense of moral responsibility. There is no justice for crimes committed by criminals simply because nobody cares.

The death toll of our innocent lives has been in the hundreds of thousands since the first bullet was fired December 15, 2013. Sectarian hatred is growing gradually while the politics of ethnicity continues to thrive.

Yet I have faith that the young people of South Sudan will soon come to their senses to take on leadership roles vacated by the older incumbents. But there is another huddle under our feet, and is that our trust level between the various ethnic groups, which are at an all-time low simply because we are bitter, angry and resentful.

Our generation must try to promote a political and sociocultural transformation which will allow our population to air their grievances without fear or favor, in honor of our loved ones who were massacred all across our new nation.

Particularly, the youth must recognize the futility of armed conflict. We have to commit to embracing the idea of inclusive nation building, because 99% of the people voted in favor of self-determination during our referendum on January 9th 2011.

Let accountability be our focus so that we can access justice and then end the impunity of the perpetrators of our current civil war. Let us focus on the importance of reforms in our government, military, security and justice sectors, as well as in basic services such as health and education.

See the broken chair and what it symbolizes: all that has transpired from the start of the massacres to where we are today.

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